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Feb 12, 2013 4:00am PST
new film airing on pbs offers a fascinating look at silcon valley before the go-go days of the internet boom. filmmaker randall maclowry of the new documentary "silicon valley" is here via skype. good morning to you. how far back does your film go? > > good morning and thank you for having me. our film starts in the mid-50s. that is the time when a gentleman byt the name of william shockley, who was one of the coinventors of the transistor, moved to california and set up shop. and along with him he brought some of the best young minds in science and engineering at the time, and from that group of people, about a year after shockley started, they broke off and started their own company, kind of the first prototype of start-ups that would be followed many times over in silicon valley. robert noyce was sort of the leader of that group, and they were wildly successful with fairchild semiconductor, and that led to many other companies starting from there. noyce and his colleague gordon moore started intel, which of course did very well, and then our film kind of wraps up in the earl
Feb 14, 2013 4:00am PST
really, i should say sponsors- the pbs show. it's viking river cruises, and they are showing trips along the river that give you castle views. is that helping the river cruise business? > > i think so, because a lot of people, they want to see europe, and they want a more authentic experience when they are staying there, and river cruising takes them to the heart of europe, into small little cities that they may not be able to get to otherwise, or at least with the ease of river cruising they wouldn't be able to. > i would be remiss if i didn't talk about the carnival cruise mishap. do you think something like that could hurt river cruise numbers? > > river cruising i don't think is going to hurt so much, but the ocean liners are probably going to get a little softer at the beginning, but they bounce back really fast as well, so i don't see any long- term effects where that is going to inhibit any bookings on that. > wally, great to speak with you today. continued success to you. > > thank you very much for having me again. still ahead, love is in the air... and on the silver scree
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2